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Recommended amount of signings?

  1. Recommended amount of signings?

    How many signings would you recommend in one transfer market? I've heard that making to many signings can damage your teams morale and essentially making your team perform worst.

    So how many signings are recommended in one transfer market?


  2. Personally i dnt bring more than 3/5 players in

  3. I usually stick to 2 or 3 players per season, most I have ever signed in one season was 5 only in a desperate attempt to win the league, which worked out well for me in the end but I personally don't like to bring in more than 2 or 3 per season.

  4. Hmm, I bought in 6 players once, And the team played the crap. All of the signings performance were terrible. I've been told 3 is a good amount. I've already bought 3 in but I desperately need another, But I don't know if I want to risk it.

  5. I think it depends on what languages the players you are signing can speak, as when I buy players I try and get English speaking ones so they dont have trouble communicating with the other players in my team meaning that they settle into the squad quicker.

  6. Last season i signed 15 new players the day the window opened and followed that up with 3 more new signings, I'm in 2019/20 now so 2018/19 season, Not a single drop in morale or through the entire team, That being said those first 15 were all under 17 and purely regens for my under 18's, You can sign as many players as you like aslong as your team dont see them as a threat to their status in the team.

    I've signed 10+ players before all on frees for resale later on but aslong as you have them signed as backup or rotation players it shouldnt upset the team, Signing 10 first team or key players is going to really unsettle the squad but rotation and backup players are fine and youths you can go crazy with.

    My starting 11 has been the same pretty much for 2 seasons now and in that time i've had 41 players signed, All signed as backup/rotation and were sold off or are under 18's, Never been a drop in morale, Won the league both times, Champions League both times, FA Cup once and Capital one Cup once, As far as key players yes i would say 3-4 is a good number.
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  7. You're over thinking things. If anything morale may drop a bit. But what's something that a small team meeting can't fix?
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  8. Its probably not morale that will be the issue in terms of performance, You'll be bringing in alot of new players who will need time to adjust to your tactics and playing together, You can handle a few players having trouble blending into the team or struggling due to language barriers, When you're looking at more than 3 though i would expect results to be alot harder to come by until those players blend into the team.

    While morale can be helped with team meetings and private chats or the odd friendly where you win by a massive scoreline there is no way to blend players into your team or overcome the language barrier so signing a large number of players isnt a good idea because of the issues it will cause until they settle, A few you can cover for if you have the quality but if over half your starting lineup is struggling to blend into the team or having troubles with the language barrier its going to make the game alot harder than it needs to be.

    Personally i would limit myself to 2-3 starting players but i have no problem signing another 5 or 6 and giving them 20-30 mins a game until they settle, Morale is the minor issue when it comes to new signings it can be raised very easy its the other issues that come from signing players that can only be solved with time that make a large number of signings for first team football unwise.

    It depends on your goals, When challenging for the title or champions league i wouldnt want language barriers and blending issues costing me points that i shouldnt be dropping so i would be sparing with my new signings, Fighting relegation or midtable side i would have no problem throwing them in at the deepend because the sooner they settle the quicker i can climb up the table.
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  9. Generally, if they're good value and will improve your team, just go for it. There's no reason to miss out on good players because inferior players might get upset. Especially if you're a newly-promoted side tipped for relegation. You will probably have a crap start to the season while the signings gel, but you would have had that anyway. And if the players you've bought are good enough, you'll see an upsurge in form towards the end of the season that should pull you clear of relegation. Ask Wigan. The same applies to mid-table sides - if you get in better players and they gel, you should start to overachieve. The only sides that should be worried about starting badly are those aiming for the title who need to be getting points every week.

    I would generally hope to sign 2-3 players who should go into the first XI, plus 2-3 squad players who can play their way in or at least provide cover. Not counting kids for the future. I don't think that's excessive. Any fewer and it's probably not been a productive transfer window.

  10. Depends what stage your team is at. If you need 8 better players for your starting XI then buy them. You'll play worse at the beginning but your team will eventually gel and you'll be better for it. After you have a decent starting XI with a few good subs and youth players I'd concentrate on quality.

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