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How many hours have people played Football Manager 2013 so far.
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  1. How many hours have people played Football Manager 2013 so far.

    People say I play FM 2013 too much and I've played 447 Hours on it? Is that bad or normal?

  2. got it december 25th, and roughly I've played 150 hours

  3. I'm similar. Maybe only 200-300 not sure. I do however play it in all my free time where it is available.

  4. only 177 hours, I've managed nearly 900 (886 to be precise) on fm12 so far, 323 on fm11 and 535 on fm10 though.

  5. 178 hours since 2 Feb 2013 in one of my saves.

    Wait no... 408 hours since 2 Feb 2013 in one of my saves actually... Looked at the wrong number.

    The rest are couple hours around 30 - 40 random saves I pick up on occasion.
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  6. 547 on FM13 atm. I have currently played 1295 hours on FM12 though....

  7. about 900 hours

  8. 631 hours, but there have been times where I've left my computer for a few hours while FM is running.

  9. 771 hours for that normal or is it too much. (Brought on 21st Oct 12)

  10. 3,246 hours... But i always leave it on over night. I've played about 4 hours a day since release. So approximately 588hrs.
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  11. Only 310 hours so far, spent 965 on FM12 though D:

  12. 200-250 hours, only recently got hooked on the game after purchasing it around the new year.

  13. 790 hours, pre ordered so that's including the beta... Also I think you can probably half that as i often leave it on over night and when I go out

  14. 1258 hours. Leave it running in the background and over night all the time though, so more like half that.

  15. 1214 hours played but like others have said ive left FM running in the background for large periods of time whilst wasting my life on other online games , and just for interest I spent '3673' hours on FM12 and '4300' on FM09 but again they were same as 13 where I had the game running in the background. Still a lot of time for what is effectively one game 9181 hours total I believe if my mental arithmetic is correct, god I need a life lol

  16. I've played 336 hours so far (atleast according to steam).

    I've had it since December and I'm pretty sure I can complete 1500-2000 hours before FM14.

  17. TheRealMourinho's Avatar TheRealMourinho
    First Team
    227 hours and counting.

  18. Since December, just hit 500 hours

  19. 579 hours so far.....which have been majorly disrupted by laptop snuffing it so having to get a brand new desktop. So I'd expect those numbers to dramatically increase......once I get off Warcraft lol

  20. 1,454 hours on FM13 so far (I got it in November) and I did 2049 hours on FM12 (I got it in February 2012)

  21. 200 for me on FM13, played about 1000 or over on FM12.

  22. 478hrs bought day of release

  23. 349 bought day of release 615 on fm 2012 after looking at this thread I do not feel as bad now

  24. how do u check?

  25. buy legal copy of game then open steam and you will know

  26. 764 hours on FM13 and thats with me being off work with a broken arm when it was released for 6 weeks! My missus says i play it too much!

  27. 712 hours, but like many I usually leave it running the whole day, including when I go out or have meals. Or even just leave it running when I have a break from playing and I'm just surfing the internet. I play in windowed mode so it's not like I have to ALT TAB all the time.

  28. I have a game about a i have 250 hours. I have a lot running at background.

    I think, that is not too much

    Interesting thread.

  29. 314 hours and i've had it from release day, but i go really hot and cold on it..

  30. robbieboro82's Avatar robbieboro82
    27 Days, and about 10 Hours!! Still in 1st Season too!! Haha

  31. 1002 hours so far not running over night either

  32. 925 bought day of release SAD I know

  33. 173 hours. February of second season, and starting a PSV save.

  34. 1040 hours :s

  35. 802 thus far. Won 2 Italian Cup titles with Lazio, and one Serie A title.

  36. Quote Originally Posted by H4ND 0F G0D View Post
    925 bought day of release SAD I know
    I feel ya. Bought FM the day of release too. But haven't played much til Christmas time. Since then, I've been HOOKED!

  37. Wow some of these guys here are quite impressive
    I thought my 525 hours was crazy :L
    I do pretty leave my comp on all day when I go on FM though

  38. 281, got it a week after release. I thought I played too much, but clearly that's not the case hahahahah. I have to step it up so I can catch you guys!

  39. 465 hours so far

  40. 500 hours an i was thinking id spent way to many hours aha

  41. 729 hours

  42. I've got 1.2k hrs but I've left it on when I'm at school a few times.

  43. 310 hours

  44. I always leave mine running in the background when I have my PC on, But realistically I've probably played around 350-400 hours.

  45. Like 305...

  46. 200 hours

  47. 327.

    Modern Day Legend
    818 hours for me

  49. 536 hours and counting... rapidly

  50. 1357.. mostly online game with friends, very addictive... cheers

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