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Director of football question

  1. Director of football question

    I use my DoF like this:
    My DoF is not assigned any tasks.
    If I want to buy a player I add him to the list.
    If I want to sell/loan a player I add him to the list and he sorts it out.
    Other than that He just sits there...waiting. (because if I give him stuff to do like look for players he drives me crazy)

    What got me thinking was I used my DoF to sign Stevan Jovetic, the scouts indicated he would want about £90k to £120k per week which was within my budget so I added him and the DoF got to work.
    As i have final say so on contracts I was shocked buy what I was met with:
    1. $180k per week
    2. Goal bonus £18k
    3. Appearance fee £18k
    4. Team of the year £700k
    5. Top goal scorer £900k
    My DoF's name was Damien Comolli:

    So needless to say I didn't sign Stevan Jovetic, I did something i never do and that is reload. :-/
    I also fired up Genie Scout to look closer at staff attributes and found two interesting ones:
    So forsaking all the main attributes associated with DoF's I signed this dude as my DoF Simeon Velinov
    1. Buying players (19)
    2. Hardness of trading (17)
    and repeated my attempt to sign Jovetic and this was the result:
    1. $125k per week
    2. Relegation wage drop 25%
    3. Goal bonus £12.5k
    4. Appearance fee £12.5k
    5. Team of the year £500k
    6. Top goal scorer £625k
    • £55k per week cheaper
    • 25% wage drop if relegated
    • £5.5k less to pay per goal
    • £5.5k less to pay per appearance
    • £200k saved if he makes team of year
    • £275k saved if he gets golden boot.
    Simeon Velinov's main attributes are really bad for a top flight club to even consider employing him but every time (in the limited tests I have run) he gets a better deal than so called top flight DoF's.
    The smaller the deal the smaller the savings but potentially huge deals like for Falcao could save a bundle.
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  2. I don't get it, In what way is his main attributes really bad for a top club ? Would the definition of main attributes not be depending on what tasks you are going to assign to him? In this case, it seems like really good stats.
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  3. As TBH says, what's the question? Damien Comolli is crap. Remember, this is the guy behind the £35m for Andy Carroll, as well as the signings of Downing, Henderson and Fat Charlie Adam. You had a crap DoF, you replaced him with a good one and he did a much better job - exactly what you'd expect.

    The other thing to say is - in the Team Settings, have you made sure you have the last word on first team signings? If so you should be able to reject deals you don't want without having to reload.

  4. Good thread because my DOF does nothing and he's on a really good wage. Mines is Mattias Sammer from Bayern. He never seems to be able to get young players when I add them to the transfer target, saying that he never has managed to negotiate terms with another club for a player.

    From seeing this I think I might try and replace him and get someone better in cheers

  5. Mine is Sean Luca Sogliano, who was DoF at Verona, my first club in my current save, and when I moved to Norwich I took him with me. We had to pay £1m compensation which was about a quarter of the transfer kitty at the time, but he's worth it. 20 at judging ability and potential, and he brings in great signings on a regular basis, often for free. I have final say on signings, but it's got to the point where I generally trust his judgement.
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  6. I have only assigned the DoF to renewing contracts and he has done a poor job in my opinion. The players I have targeted, he has done nothing. Maybe I should allow him some more freedom.

  7. Interesting insight on the hidden attributes. Might look at that. I realize that my DoF does really well on free transfer. he's generally able to get them on lower wages than I can.

    I always look at good signings I might let to get on a free. And I assign my DoF to get them at End Of Contract as I cba to remember to look at the signing. he generally gets the man for good wages

  8. Hmm there doesn't seem to be a Hardness of Trading in Genie Scout. I see a Hardness of Training though
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