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Scouts JPA/JPP

  1. Scouts JPA/JPP

    Hi guys,

    Just wondering if scouting affects attributes or just star rating? E.g is the heading stat I see when I go on a players profile (that's not on my team) his actual heading stat? And if so are these stats always up-to-date?

  2. IMO, they should affect attributes, but they don't.
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  3. Nope they only affect a scout's opinion of how good the player is. I do agree with apvmoreira though, they should affect the attributes you see to an extent. It would make good quality scouts more valuable. As it is you can pretty much make your own judgement once you've seen the player's attributes unmasked.

  4. I generally find that scouts aren't that much use for judging current ability, but are obviously important for judging potential (because you can't see that yourself). Therefore, when hiring staff, I care more about JP than JA.

    Obviously a good JA can be useful though, particularly for scouts bringing players to you rather than you searching for them.

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