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    Hello, I have recently purchased fm13, having last played fm11 couple of years back. I started playing with Leeds United, as I always prefer playing with a lower division team, but having made countless of mistake, I thought of starting a new game with Peterborough. I started with them pretty well, here is all the results of the season so far(sorry for the small size of fonts, I wanted all results to fit in one screenshot) Tips with peterborough-peterborough-united_-fixtures-schedule.png

    As you can see it started very well for me with them, and I think until january I was always in the top 6 so the board was very pleased with me. They still are pleased as they were more expecting to fall out of the championship(currently 10th). This is the standings history in the leagueTips with peterborough-npower-championship_-overview-past-positions.png

    Now what I want is for few helpful tips and hints maybe, since I stopped playing the game for awhile now, I really want to be good at this game, it seemed like after a stage my team simply couldn't win, is it because of the squad I have, or is there something I am doing wrong. Here is all my tactics that I mostly use.

    Tips with peterborough-peterborough-united_-tactics-overview.pngTips with peterborough-peterborough-united_-tactics-team.png

    I used to see my team play, and saw how they never won any tackles, so for couple of matches I had the touchline shout set to "get stuck in", which sets to hard tackling, and it worked for few matches(to get me couple of draws), but never dominated like I did at the start of the season, what should I do, I have few more matches left,and want to finish the season in a high, any hints guys? thank you in advance.

  2. Tommy Rowe is a quality left-back for the championship and low-mid prem, Mark Little also performs well above his stats at RB.

    I sold alcock for 1million or so, and brought in Scott Wootton permanently the next season.

    Bostwick is a quality BWM - Support, even in the prem four seasons in, consistently rated 7.5+, never has a bad game.

    Gayle can also be a useful Poacher, scored a few goals in the prem but definitely needs replacing if you do go up.

    I got promoted through the playoffs first season, went on a bad run like you, but then went unbeaten in my last ten games to secure the last playoff position.

    I played a 3 centreback type of formation if I remember rightly, with wingbacks and counter-attacking, direct, fast tempo football. Cant remember exactly now though.
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  3. who did you use as wing backs?

    And I have been playing a short passing game will the change be bad for the team?

  4. Also can I ask you whether you re still using the same formation when you got promoted to premier league?

  5. Rowe and Little were my wingbacks, with Newell and Ntlhe providing cover.

    If you decided to play short passing, I would stick with it because it seems to be working for you - direct is just how I decided to play. Changing mid-way through the season probably wouldn't be a good idea.

    I changed to a 3-6-1 formation in my first season in the prem. Managed to survive, then changed to a 4-2-3-1 narrow, the next season, which I still use (occasionally play 4-2-3-1 wingers, or dms instead of cms, depending on opposition). I'm very average at tactics though, but after the first season in the prem, I've been consistently top 10 in the prem. Struggling to break the top 5 of United/Spurs/Chelsea/City/Arsenal.

    Eventually when I have a champions league standard squad I will try to play short, possession football.

    Alen Halilovic can be a good signing (from Dinamo - you might need the croatian league loaded), he is developing at a rate which will see him be world class in a few years.

    Anthony Knockaert is also quality (from Leicester), Leicester got relegated and he was transfer listed. Check the transfer list for other relegated players/signings.
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