How to cancel an Affilliate deal?

  1. How to cancel an Affilliate deal?

    Hi all, this might be a stupid question but it's been bugging me for some time now. I'm playing as AGOVV apeldoorn and this club has an affillliate deal with vitesse. Playing my 5th season now and things are going farily well. Managed to sign some nice players and been promoted to the eredivisie.. but for the 2nd time now Vitesse buys one of my top players for just 0 euro. And i can't find anything to stop this.. so I want to cancel the deal. but the option is greyed out. Anyone got an idea to what to do? thanks for your feedback.

  2. You may not be able to cancel the agreement because it is a long term thing. It should say in the clauses a date when you can cancel it on the affiliated club screen.

  3. Keep winning become the bigger team. Then cancel it.

  4. Hold your mouse cursor over the greyed out cancel button. What does it say?

  5. It was a long term deal, and when i hold my mouse cursor over the cancel button it showed now tooltip or pop up. after some looking around on the screen, i tried just double clicking on the cancel button and it said the deal was canceled... Now it's gone.. I stil don't know why the button was greyed out.. But the affilliation is gone. Thanks for all your assistance.

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