Players Set On European Glory?

  1. Players Set On European Glory?

    I'm now in the 2016/17 season with my Wolfsburg team and by all accounts it seems as though they have their hearts set on winning the Champions League. They have been absolutely amazing in the Champions League scoring 25 goals in the 6 group games(including a 5-1 defeat of Inter) and conceding just 4, however the Bundesliga seems to matter little if anything to them. I'm now down to my last 5 games and I'm in 3rd, whereas defeats of Chelsea and Man United have coincided with my lack of form in the league. Has this ever happened to anyone else, where it seems that the league doesn't seem to matter anymore? Maybe it's because it's the Bundesliga?(Now ranked 3rd best league in the world)

  2. Did you set League bonus to low or normal while Europe is High?

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