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Model Citizen - Ever seen one?

  1. Model Citizen - Ever seen one?

    I was going through players personalities and i came across Model citizen, probably the best one going but i have never ever seen one, has anybody seen one?

  2. Arteta had one for me after the 2nd season until he retired.... a regen I had also had it. Only times i have ever seen it on FM13!

  3. Areta could be one? never knew that!

  4. Joey Barton and andy Carrol have that I think....
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  5. I've seen it in FM 08! A player from Ghana who played for the Russian side, Saturn. His name is Iliasu Shilla.

  6. Only once, just someone I noticed available in the market.

  7. Very rare because they are those that develop very quick. Only saw it in a few regens

  8. I've had a few. Only one that was actually good though. The others were 1/2 star potential old guys that I just brought in to help train my young players.

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