Transfer Amounts - Delayed???

  1. Transfer Amounts - Delayed???

    Bit of a dilemma here folks; in my first season with chelsea - january transfer window..

    went in for Neymar with a transfer fee of 30million up from ,and loads of add-ons.. deal was accepted by Santos, Neymar agreed to join for 2.4 million loyalty, and 3 million agent fee...

    heres where it gets confusing - ive 35 million in the bank, and yet somehow my transfer is delayed? this has happened to me a few times now.. I just wanna know why the transfer would be delayed (even after he has work permit) if i have the funds to sign him?

    Is his loyalty fee paid up front?


  2. If you only just have the upfront fee it will delay the transfer. Happened to me too when I signed Neymar, it let me adjust the budget and voila!

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