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Portuguese league problem: Why did I win?

  1. Portuguese league problem: Why did I win?

    The rules state that the deciding factors are results between teams, goal difference and goals scored.

    3 teams finished on top,with 72 points, Sporting Benfica and Porto.

    Porto wins Sporting on the results between teams, Sporting wins Benfica and Benfica wins Porto.

    Supposing this means that the results between teams doesn't decide it,it should be the team with highest goal difference (benfica) instead of the lowest,sporting.

    the results were
    SCP - FCP 1-2
    FCP - SCP 2-1
    FCP - SLB 3-1
    SLB - FCP 1-1
    SCP - SLB 1-0
    SLB - SCP 0-1
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  2. Because you're the best!
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  3. Which team were you?

    I make that Porto to win based on the results of the 'mini-league' between the three teams. From the matches between the three teams, Porto got 10 points, Sporting 6 and Benfica 1.
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  4. Porto should win it, then Sporting, then Benfica. Which team were you??

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