Why do some National teams not show Best Eleven?

  1. Why do some National teams not show Best Eleven?

    I was just wondering if anybody knew, why do only some national teams have Best Elevens?

    And if there is any way of changing a team that doesn't show a Best Eleven?

    Uruguay and Ukraine have been the World Cup Winners so far, i'm in 2020, Uruguay won in 2014, Ukraine in 2018. Can't see either best 11's for those years. Ukraine show no best 11's at all, Uruguay for some random reason shows 2012 and 2013.

    Can anyone give any logical explanation as to why it started giving best 11's in 2012 and 2013, then stopped. Is there a reason or is it just some dodgy error in the game?

    It seems completely random to me, even teams like Senegal have best 11's for every year.

    I checked Canada, they have 2012-19, but miss out 16 and 18. Surely that's not random? What is the reason though? I can't link it together.

    Any similar experiences?

  2. Bump

    Would love it if someone could give me some answers to this..

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