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    Ok so I am in 2022 with Leeds. We have a Top Youth Set up ect ect.... However, I only ever attract 2 star potential from any youth intake. Very frustrating as I would like to breed my own rather than buy in youngsters!

    Am I missing something a member of staff or something?

  2. Scouts need to be top class so they can scan in deep all the markets, imo

  3. I thought it might have something to do with the Youth Director post. Maybe I need to recruit more scouts then?

    When you set staff responsabilities for getting the youth I always as the Youth Director post to do it. Very frustrating.

  4. Honestly I've thought these things a few times since I for possibly the last two football manager versions have failed to attract/produce a youth player beyond 3 stars at any club I've managed. Best facilities at most of the clubs I've managed at some point (initially or built up to), top staff throughout senior and youth setup - with a top head of youth development in this version and top scouts, and top reputation with even being the number 1 club in the world.

    My opinion: its just luck. Pure luck. Sure I've seen some people's games produce astoundingly good players from real minnows though I'm sure some of those people were telling porky pies, I believe that at least some of them were fortunate to get a world class player come through their ranks. It's accurate afterall that not only the big clubs turn up the gems of the future, more often than not you see Manchester United buying youth prospects from all the country and world to stick into their youth academy, so the model of having to buy in isn't exactly wrong, just annoying.

    I'm currently playing with Sao Paulo in Brazil, one of the biggest clubs out there and to my knowledge (at least in my game) they have the best youth setup and ability to pull in talented youngsters in the country, yet in the three seasons I've played so far I have yet to generate a player more than 2 the top youth system club in Brazil....where young stars are generated like no tomorrow.
    So yeah, luck.

  5. Country > Reputation > Facilities > Scouting knowledge > Staff ability, or something like that.

    Getting lucky is a huge factor in it though. You have to remember that for every regen date you get a slim chance of a wonderkid or someone close coming through, then take into account all the top clubs and all the clubs with top facilities so out of those hundreds/thousands of players you end up with a tiny chance of ending up with the one real gem.

    To expect to be able to pump out 4-5 star players every year is a little silly because if your club does then every other decent club will and then they all end up just being average.

  6. Employed a TOP HOYD but only managed 1 star players the worst intake in 10 years of my game! I know what your saying about luck ect, but a 3 star or 4 would be nice. I have worked and spent lots of money building the facilities for nothing. I have just gone to the board to try and improve again and have been told to sign top talent!

    Lucky for me I have a world clas team with an average age of 26 so dont have to hit the panic button for a few seasons yet, and hopefully get a few quality players in the next few years.

  7. Do you go looking for top youngsters yourself, to sign from other clubs?

    On the day you get your youth intake, go to the Transfers / Player Search screen and for each position you want to fill, search based on Age 16 or less. Sort the results by Value, highlight all down to £25k or so and scout them. You'll get loads of scout reports which you can easily scan through on your messages screen to see the 4-5 star rated players and try to sign them from there.

    Most you can attempt to sign for just some compensation (they won't always sign) or you can offer a transfer fee (some clubs will want silly money however).

    You can also do this for other countries if you know their regen dates (just google FM13 regen dates). European countries start their regens during March.

    Best way I know to populate your youth setup with lots of decent young players .

  8. do everything the above people have said and badger the board for feeder teams, specifically those that you get offered in well known regen hotspots like brazil/argentina/croatia etc. This will increase the range of players coming through your academy and potentially throw up a few gems

  9. Great advise guys. I do look for talent and sign the odd hot prospect, most of my team are Wonderkids or extreemly good youngsters. I am at that stage now though where I need a youth squad capable of sustaining me for another 10 years!

    I will try the Youth Intake search thing. Was not aware you could filter it.

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