Vitesse second season help!

  1. Vitesse second season help!

    just took over them second season they have been relegated bony has left and van ginkel wants to leave got 5 million to spend want a replacement for both bony and van ginkel please?!

  2. With 5m it's going to be difficult. However with more money coming in after selling van ginkel u ll b able to make it. The problem is to find people who would join you in the second div.

    look at:

    cristian danalache/enio/scocco/rainford kalaba/kieza/bare

  3. Don't let him leave reject all offers and hopefully when/if you start playing well he'll request to be off the transfer list.

  4. Van Ginkel really develops, scored 20 for me from AM in my 3rd season then sold him for 20 mill. But he's worth more than that. Keep hold of him and build the team around him!!

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