FM13 deleted itself!

  1. FM13 deleted itself!

    Hi guys, I downloaded FM onto another PC on my steam account(I already brought the game ages ago) so it was in my library and I downloaded it no problem and have played it for like 4 hours the last couple of days.

    I just went to play it now and in my library instead of saying play by fm13 it says install!! So it has gone and deleted itself!

    Would be great if anyone knew how to either get my save back(probably a long shot) or at least how to stop this happening again. This is the 2nd time on different pc's that this has happened to me.
    If anyone had this happen to them or has any ideas on how to fix it the help would be appreciated! Cheers

  2. your save should be fine, just download the game again.

  3. SMcManus84's Avatar SMcManus84
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    Are you connected to broadband?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by SMcManus84 View Post
    Are you connected to broadband?

    Still haven't solved this problem. I am sometimes connected to broadband, sometimes in offline mode. Anyone know how to fix this?

  5. I may be wrong here but I think save games are stored in the fm2013 folder in my documents

  6. SMcManus84's Avatar SMcManus84
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    The reason I asked is because I've had untold problems with steam not working in offline mode.
    I put it in offline mode as I have no internet access at home and of course I'm bombarded with error msgs telling me to go online with steam or I can't play the game.
    Hate steam and avoided using it till FM12 where the choice had been taken away.
    Seems old fashioned now to be able to buy a game and put the disc in and play it.

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