Query about youth development

  1. Query about youth development

    I found a regen recently with a very nice potential. He's currently 18.
    I have read that in order to make him realise his potential he must get sufficient first team exposure. So my question is how many minutes per season should he be playing approx. whether on my team in cup matches or on loan?

  2. I have found that giving them game time in the cups depending on his ability already, and another idea is to loan them out but make sure you check when other team offers to loan that he'll be a first team regular in their squad

  3. what i try too do is play them in cup games and games i think i am going to win comfortably i remember reading you need to give them at least half an hours game time in a match for it to be worthwhile progress wise. I might be wrong though

  4. Play them when your team is winning comfortably or you don't feel your team will miss a beat with him in the team. Don't loan him out, because generally the team you're loaning out to will have worse facilities and coaches than you.

  5. If his attributes are good enough, take a leap of faith and put him in at the deep end... Countless times I have played 16/17/18 year olds who have good attributes and they have developed so much quicker as a result of being first team regulars

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