Best Eleven Glitch

  1. Best Eleven Glitch

    Well i've already shown one stupid Best Eleven glitch which no one seems to want to give me any answers about.

    I wonder if anyone has any explanations for this?

    Best Eleven Glitch-screen-shot-2013-07-18-01.16.48.png

    I don't even need to explain the problem, it jumps right out at you.

  2. The only thing that jumps out at me is your on an apple.
    Other than that.....nitto! I mean what am I looking at?

    You DO even need to explain the problem, it does not jump right out at me.

  3. Maybe problem is that 2 players on there have made just 3 apps each.

  4. wr1097 has it, spot on.

    Mr Lilywhite, do you not find that odd? Or did you just miss that?

  5. Yes I missed that and yes that is very odd.

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