1. Hieght

    Would you play a central defender if he was only 5'11

  2. Fabio Cannavaro - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    At just 5'9" it didn't seem to do him much harm .

  3. Thats a good point m8

  4. Iñigo Martínez is only 5'11, and he becomes a very solid centre back. So, yes. And Puyol is only 5'10, and he's been in the Barcelona first team for 14 years, even though for a couple of those years he's been out with injury.
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  5. Yes, although it may be a good idea to have a tall defender next to him.

  6. A 5'11" defender is still pretty tall.. Most footballers aren't that tall. He will do well, I have Nathan Ake, 5'10" and he is a god send.

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