Bored of this save... need advice on what to do next

  1. Bored of this save... need advice on what to do next

    Currently at Chelsea in July 2016 and am starting to get bored. Won the EPL last season with 97 points, won the FA Cup and ECL as well. And two seasons before I won the treble again so I've won everything I can. I have a youngish team; to name a few:
    GK: Courtois/Butland
    DEF: Wallace/Jones/Varane/Chalobah/Shaw/Davies
    MID: Oscar/Mata/Hazard/Thiago/Gundogan/Reyes/Hughes/Barkley/Bale/Zaha/Praet and several others
    FWD: Lukaku/Rodrigo/Fierro

    I like this team and took a while to develop it but for some reason I am bored. I was also England manager but failed in the Euro's due to 300,000 injuries so resigned.

    Should I start a new save, as I'm not a huge fan of regens, or should I keep going at Chelsea or join another team?

    Also, could anyone recommend a good team to be if I did start a new save. A team who would be fun after the transfer update (not Monaco).

    Cheers lads

  2. Roma? Betis? Bolton? Ajax? Sporting Lisboa? Lyon?

  3. I would recomend you to try other club in the same save.
    If you want a new one:
    I always like to start with Porto.
    But i would also recomend:Braga(for a challenge),Bilbao,Tottenham,Inter,Roma,Ajax or Schalke 04

  4. Choose Southampton, Everton or Swansea, keep it British

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