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Same team same tactics same players 2nd season

  1. Same team same tactics same players 2nd season

    My position last season 5th
    Now: Struggling with top-10

  2. Has your teams morale changed? Have other teams strengthened there squads? Have you got a better reputation and teams are now just sitting back against you? there are lots of variables but if you have changed nothing im willing to bet its the last one.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by 3sts View Post
    My position last season 5th
    Now: Struggling with top-10
    Sometimes you win, sometimes you loose. Sometimes the 2nd season is better than the first and sometimes its the opposite, thats football.

    When you struggled, how did you handle the man management ? Perhaps its that in the first season, you showed the team your great skills of keeping a winning team motivated and confident but not overconfident, but in the 2nd season, you are failing to get the morale and confidence up in a team that is lacking in those areas after not living up to your and their expectations.

    I would also say that you actually need to bigger squad this season as you are playing in Europe so if having the same players, it might be that they are just not up for it, playing that many matches.
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  4. This game works in miraculous ways

  5. Reputation. The same thing happened to me. Finished 5th and qualified for continental play. Could not win a league match but was tearing it up in the Euro. Did not realize how reputation affected how the AI will play against your team. My team increased to 4 stars and everything changed. The team was still playing good but just could not score. Took until January to figure it out and turn things around and ended up finishing 5th again.

  6. I have not sold anyone, except Odemwingie and Ridgewell a few mins ago, always injuried so didnt want to pay their wages.
    The problem I THINK it might be is my strikers they barely score anything!
    I have Shane Long, Paolu Dybala, Tony Watt and Nicklas Helenius(BEAST but CAM -.-')
    So the real problem is all my strikers are "kids" the oldest after Long i Helenius and he is 22, and doesnt work as a striker(WTF?).

    My tactic is one i downloaded from here( BEAST beat Arsenal, LFC, Spurs all by more than 3 goals difference)

  7. Unless you are using a modified database Helenius is a striker and a very good one as well as a attacking midfielder, he regularly scores 20+ goals a season when I buy him. Long is also normally a goal machine also but your tactic wont be set up to play to their strengths as it is a downloaded one. Tony Watt is normally good for 15+ goals at the start but I have never used Dybala so can't help with him. You should look to adjust the tactic to fit your team and to exploit the weakness in other teams then you should be fine.

  8. my second season with man united was hard untill i changed to a new formation at which point things really improved

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