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    i have been trying to sign a player from bulgaria who is 18 years old. i try to sign him as a key player for my team but everytime i agree to terms, the work permit is denied. i have read about people sending players out on loan who need work permits, im guessing that is because the permit runs out while they are under contract tho

    is there anyway i can sign this player and possibly send him on loan or something? i feel like in a couple years time he would be a major player for my club and i hope there is some work around so i dont lose out on what i feel is a quality player

    (i am using wycombe wanderers in league 1 and i am very close to being promoted to the championship if that makes a difference)

  2. You need a feeder club in a (non-UK) European country to be able to send them on loan for work permits. If you have one you can sign them but they just aren't allowed to play for you until they get EU citizenship (usually 4-5 years depending on the country), without one it just won't give you the option to sign them. I'm not sure you'll be able to get one in League One though. I'm currently second in the Championship and the board have only just agreed to it, and even so they came back with the classic "we agree on principle but were not able to find a suitable club."

    Keep an eye on him though because if he starts playing for his national team it will become much more likely that he'll be granted a UK work permit, in which case you can just sign him and play him immediately.

  3. ok thanks for the input.. i am pretty confident that i will be promoted this season so hopefully i can get a feeder club and loan him out.. i wonder how difficult it will be to get a bulgarian feeder club lol

  4. Sorry to reserect an old thread but I'm hoping someone can help me with a problem.

    I recently signed Arda Turan (Turkish attacking midfielder whos now 29 years old) on a free transfer for Southampton. Obviously i didnt see his work permit application was denied before i signed him because now he's sat in my club without a work permit and I cant play him at all.

    I didnt think a work permit would be an issue for him because he has 91 caps for Turkey.

    It gives me the option to apply for a work permit but every time its turned down and i cant offer a new contract to try it that way because he has only just signed for me.

    Does anyone have any ideas of how to solve this? Feeder clubs wont be a solution because I need him asap! Any suggestions would be much appreciated

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