BBVA Prize Money

  1. BBVA Prize Money

    Hey guys I was checking through the rules of EPL and then BBVA's and noticed they dont have the prize money listed.
    Can anyone give me insight on what a top 4 finish gets in La Liga?

  2. Well i've just finished a season with Barcelona and i finished 1st and i got £4million - Which i thought was absolutely terrible! But then i got the sponsorship money which was something like £27million which wasn't so bad anymore. So £4million and less to answer your question

  3. Ah thanks. I've made some big signings in my 2nd season and I know my chances of winning the CL are thin so winning the BBVA wouldve probably helped pull my finances up. Guess that isn't the case.

  4. Yeah, I just won with Atletico Madrid and it was about €4M. It's not very great.

  5. It's well compensated through TV-rights, just took over Atletico in 2015/2016, they got a new deal worth 49 mil per season which is not bad at all. But it's not much compared to Real Madrid and Barcelona.

    The only bad thing is the contract length, gotta wait 6 years to get more money in case of good results and all.
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