Can't find Philippe Coutinho!!!!

  1. Exclamation Can't find Philippe Coutinho!!!!

    Hi all,

    I've had FM13 since it was released but I'm having trouble finding him! I don't want to start a new game with a transfer update as I'm into my 2nd season now.

    I'm currently playing the classic version.

    If anyone can help me.....I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance

  2. I can imagine since you've done the classic version, you may not have included the Italian League and so it hasn't loaded many of the players within that league and so Coutinho is not searchable.

    Could be wrong though.

  3. Thanks for the reply....I added the Italian leagues when I 1st started along with the Spanish leagues....I've added the German league if I changed the German league back to the should update the player lists for that league then?

  4. Erm have you looked in all the INTER squads?

  5. Thanks for the reply........yes....I've looked in both the 1st team and reserve squads.....he's not there or even when I do a player search using his name or even when I just use the the nationality's like he doesn't exist lol

  6. Anyone got any advice?


  7. Have you checked Liverpool? Wasn't he there at the start of the season?

  8. I know he's not there as I'm the manager of them......he's not in either of the Inter Milan Espanyol when he was on loan there....I've searched using his name....his position...and using only his nationality....nothing....he simply does not exist on my game unless I start a new game and I don't want to do that....if someone can find him on their game and short list him then upload the saved short list......I'd really appreciate it lol

  9. If he does not show up on the search, then a shortlist won't help as he is not in the game. Naturally this is only if you had spelled his name correctly when using the magnifying glass.
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  10. I've tried everything lol....even used only "Cou" as a search.....nothing.....if I started a new game....used a different team....put him on a shortlist.....saved it and then upload it in my current game save....would that work?

  11. Is the only answer to start a new game with the latest transfer update then?

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Stu Riding View Post
    Is the only answer to start a new game with the latest transfer update then?
    Are you sure you have the correct leagues uploaded? Do you have the italian league uploaded?
    I can find 5 Coutinhos on my save at the mo! Including the one you are talking about

  13. I've had the Italian when I first started the game around Christmas last year.....I changed it for the German league at the start of my current (2nd) season....the only "Coutinho" I find is "Gino Coutinho"....a Brazilian GK..if I change back to the Italian league....would that fix the problem?

  14. Start a new save dude with latest updates.He might have a serious injury during the time you did not load the italian league and might have retired.

  15. I don't really want to start a new game though.....but if it's the only solution......

  16. Well last solution, try use FM Genie Scout, but only for that, cause it destroy a little bit game when use often ;P
    Also try use "Philippe Coutinho Correia" in game search cause it's his full name. If game won't find him by his full name that mean he don't exist in your game.
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  17. You using normal database or an update like LFC marshals? Also what size database do you have loaded? Try the player search function and put nationality as Brazilian.

    my bad thought this was the only page new game is more than likely the answer
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  18. Thanks for all the advice....I've tried searching for just Brazilians Ay0me.....nothing...think I resigned to either not getting him in current...or biting the bullet and starting a new one

  19. This is just a shot in the dark, assuming its pointless since no one else has suggested it (from my quick skim reading), but does Classic mode not have transfer history of clubs? I don't know as I've not played classic before, but I always use that to find players who won't show up on my searches because of scouting network or for whatever reason. If there is transfer history, check that to see if he is on the outgoing list at all and then just follow the trail
    Surely it can't be that simple though. Honestly if I was in your position and he's just disappeared altogether I'd restart with an update where he's with Liverpool as he looks like a quality player for them, he's in my fantasy football this season for sure

  20. Not sure....I'm playing classic mode now....I've tired looking in both Inter Milan and Espanyol squads...nothing....will have to look at at club transfer history....fingers crossed lol
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  21. Ok...checked transfer histories for both Inter and Espanyol....he's not there...not in Liverpool's either....looks like a new game needs starting then

    thanks to everyone for the advice and help given

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