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Stop Diving

  1. Stop Diving

    Is there a way to stop a player from diving because Luis Suarez has gotten 5 red cards now from diving and its killing my team

  2. Not really, no. Get players with higher sportsmanship and professionalism.

  3. I sure Brenden Rodgers wondered the same thing last season. Just say in the press that he's a nice guy really and there is actually nothing wrong with him. In fact its everyone else who just misunderstands him.
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  4. Oh dammit. Suarez now has a 5 match ban

  5. at least he isnt biting people
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  6. Suarez constantly getting long bans and diving? This game is more realistic than I thought

  7. I had a match with liverpool where suarez dived twice in a 1 minute span, sent off.

  8. Funny, he's never dived in my save. But then, I don't play him that often!

  9. That's awesome.

    Fine that fool.

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