Captain dilemma

  1. Captain dilemma

    i am entering what should be a crucial year for my club with promotion a very reachable goal. i have signed some nice players and really upgraded my club but i am concerned about my captain selection and the effects it could have on my squad for the year if i appoint the wrong player

    here are my top choices:

    CB - 34 years old - 15 influence, 13 determination - has been captain since i got here but he would be 4th choice CB this season and i dont think he will be getting 10 starts all season unless major injuries happen

    RB - 24 years old - 8 influence, 13 determination - entering 2nd season at club, one of my best players and would start almost every game

    CB - 17 years old - 15 influence, 15 determination - arrived january last season, my best prospect and already is planned to be a starting CB all season

    GK - 32 years old - 10 influence, 15 determination - been with club a long time & almost every player says they like playing with him, i signed a younger keeper and will be playing them 70-30 with a strong possibility of the younger keeper being first choice next season

    CM - 34 years old - 15 influence, 13 determination - has been vice captain for 2 seasons, will play a lot this year but mainly come off the bench unless i change my formation to allow another CM (have been considering it)

    ideally the 17 year old woud be my choice but im not sure if he is too young. my second choice would be the RB but his influence is pretty low for a team captain

    any input?

  2. Keep the captain and vice-captain as they are. Let the computer decide who gets the armband when neither of them are starting. Frankly the other three aren't very good options. The kid CB may be captaincy material when he's established, but for now he's far too young, and you can't hand the armband to a teenager who's not played a game. I would also question whether he'll be your starting CB all season, no matter what his stats he'll make lots of mistakes at that age. The RB is not captaincy material. The GK is the best of the rest and at least the players know him, but his influence is too low to be an ideal captain.

    I've only once taken the armband off someone and it was an unmitigated disaster. The player I gave it too played so poorly that I kept him on the bench just so the armband would go to the vice-captain. Whenever I have an aging captain who isn't good enough to start anymore, I just keep him as captain until he retires, and the vice-captain becomes the 'de facto' captain.

  3. thanks for the reply

    the 17 year old did start around 10 games for me down the stretch last season as he was my 2nd best rated CB. he wouldve started more but i rotated him with my captain, mainly for the fact that he was the captain and is still a decent option

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