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How to score late goals?...

  1. How to score late goals?...

    Obviously you have to go more attacking but my team score over a hundred goals a season but when I am drawing or losing I never get a late winner/equaliser. Any tips?

  2. Go overload. A couple of shouts you could use are: 1. Take more risks. 2. Pump ball into box. 3. Push higher up. 4. Get stuck in. 5. Shoot on sight. 6. Get ball forward.

  3. if youre scoring over a hundred goals a season then you going overload could have a negative effect. if youre team score that many then take more risks may help but going overload will stop you playing patiently and just get the ball forward which youre team might not be strong at. I wouldn't recommend going above attacking if youre a passing team

  4. Quote Originally Posted by DarloGeorge96 View Post
    Go overload. A couple of shouts you could use are: 1. Take more risks. 2. Pump ball into box. 3. Push higher up. 4. Get stuck in. 5. Shoot on sight. 6. Get ball forward.
    Play wider/Hassle Opponents/exploit the flanks and look for overlap are also shouts you may use. But I dont like "take more risks" as whenever I used to use it for some reason my team NEVER scored.

    But if you use OVERLOAD with these shouts be prepared to also let in last minute goals ...

  5. I use the 'Take More Risks' shout purely because the whole routine of the keeper coming up for the corner, not getting anywhere near, having to sprint back to his end, opposition trying to punt it into an empty net from 80 yards, is really funny.

    Another thing to try is to use impact substitutes. E.g:

    - fast, pacy strikers or wingers who can leave tiring defenders for dead
    - if you use one up top, bring on a second centre forward and go with a classic 4-4-2
    - take a defensive midfielder off and bring on a Frank Lampard type who can dribble and shoot from outside the box

    Bear in mind that scoring a goal is really difficult over 90 minutes against opposition who are attacking you, so over 15 minutes against opposition parking the bus, you could be doing everything right and still not score most of the time.

    The only time I've had sustained success with last-minute goals is when I had a 6'7" striker on my bench with something like 18 heading and jumping. I called him The Nuclear Option. Whenever we were losing or drawing, I put him on at the end, and it seemed like half the time we'd get a corner, he'd rise majestically about a foot over everyone (including the goalkeeper) and nod it in. It almost felt like cheating.
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  6. Look at it this way. If you score over 100 goals and perform really well, those matches that you don't win are those where the opponent can actually cope with your team, your approach and your players. The reason why you are not 4-0 up is because they are doing whatever they are doing better than what ever your players are doing. Your players might be anxious and nervous, frustrated and angry because they are not in control of events.

    To be able to score a Late goal in matches like these, you need to make sure that your player are fitter( make some subs and fire them up) , overloading the area where the opposition are getting a abit tired etc.

    Here, I would start this process with 10-15 minutes to go. Analyse the opponent and the flow of the game to see if you should overload a certain flank an then push up the team and actually move one more player upfield. Hassle them and use OIs. Naturally, this only works if you know how your tactic works ( I.e NOT a downloade plug & play)

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