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Steps i need to take to win THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE with DINAMO ZAGREB?

  1. Steps i need to take to win THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE with DINAMO ZAGREB?

    How do people do it? Do you just develop a generation of regens, pretty much? Name some things i should do in order to build a team capable of winning the CL or even Europa league.

    Doesn't have to be detailed.

    ps im in 4th season. 1st season i got 0-1-5 in my group. The last years i am always 3rd in my group, lsoing by a point or 2

  2. Keep doing what you are doing tbh. Just keep adding good young players and mould them into a team that can make the next step and get out of the group. Then its just a case of trying to progress slowly and improve the nation co-efficent so that better players will come and play for you. Might take a fair few years but its definitely possible. Oh and develop the crap out of your facilities, especially training facilities as dinamo have a pretty good academy

  3. Yeah i work on bringing in youth players and i can see improvement. Last season i put up a fight in the champions league and was literally 1 goal away from advancing further. Steps i need to take to win THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE with DINAMO ZAGREB?-clbrah.png

    Which indicates that i am indeed making progress. Gonna edit this post in a few minutes, gotta see what group i get this season

    Also, last year i beat Marsille in Europa league (0-2away 3-0home) and even troubled liverpool (3-2home 0-3away). So i am definitly capable of troubling strong european teams.

  4. As Dinamo in the champions league groups i played a very defensive tactic and had counter attacking as the aim as even if you can pick up a win and a couple draws it will help with costs and raise your profile to help you sign better players, they have a brilliant youth system so this always helps with getting good regens,

  5. Also it can just be luck of the draw, in my recent save as Arsenal i have got Bayern, and Real Madrid in the 1st knockout stages but once as At Madrid i won the champs league thanks to facing Benfica, Olympiakos, Leverkusen and then Shakhtar


    Group: Real Madrid, Shakhtar (they are strong in my save), Benfica. Next season i guess.
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