European Problem

  1. European Problem

    I have a team in FC Kobenhavn that is certainly in the Top 10 teams statistically in the world but I can't get out of the Champions League Groups and have only reached the Europa League final once in around 8 attempts. Is there anyway I can improve my team in a European environment?
    Some of my best players... Just look at Necas, a rival to the legendary Aitor? I like to think so.
    European Problem-caleb-kljestan_-overview-profile.pngEuropean Problem-cristiano-pedroso_-overview-profile.pngEuropean Problem-jiri-necas_-overview-profile.pngEuropean Problem-marlon-cairo_-overview-profile.pngEuropean Problem-mirko-saka_-overview-profile.pngEuropean Problem-pavel-hanus_-overview-profile.pngEuropean Problem-tim-sherwood_-overview-profile.png

  2. Quote Originally Posted by TurboGav View Post
    Just look at Necas, a rival to the legendary Aitor? I like to think so.
    Nowhere near

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Scotty98TR View Post
    Nowhere near
    Hmmm maybe, it's been a long time since I had a look at that god

  4. Sign more players that have experience in this environment. It's all well and good playing some home grown beauties, they're most likely gonna win you games. But you need a solid spine of experience. Think JT, Lamps, Drog, Ash in Chelsea's 2012 win, Schweinsteiger, Robben et al for Bayern this year.

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