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A lot of work with tactics

  1. Mr kRp0's Avatar Mr kRp0

    A lot of work with tactics

    In this year of FM game tactics developing took a lot of time from me.Like hours and hours of making just tactics.I must admit taht I'm not that interested in tactical aspect.Developing youth players is more challlenging for me.i never tried to play FMC but I wonder if I can just load 1 tactic and play games,because i dont have time for sirious playing this game.

  2. If you're gonna get results anywhere with just one tactic, FMC is the place. The full game will punish you viciously for using the same tactic time and again. Expect a good first few games followed by misery.
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  3. Raikan's Complete Madness is pretty good if you just want to sit back and not fuss about tactics too much. Just won La Liga with Atletico Madrid in my third season there. If you've got good players, that tactic is gold.

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