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keep Diego Costa or Adrian?

  1. keep Diego Costa or Adrian?

    Hello people, I'm about to start a new game up with Atletico Madrid. I'm using my own tactic which has been pretty lethal with all teams ive tested with so far. It uses a poacher and a deep lying forward paired up front. I'm going to get Caprari in so I can lose a forward to raise funds. I've never been Atletico before so don't know who turns out good, should I keep Diego Costa or Adrian to pair with Villa? Anyone had great success with one in particular? Thanks in advance.

  2. I bought Adrian on a Spurs save I done and he was spectacular for me. I played him as an Advanced Forward and that actually seemed to work best for him in my experience. He's a great player, can't really comment on Diego Costa as I've never played with him.

  3. Cheers dude I started the game and Chelsea put a 15 million pound bid straight in, he must be good. I'll reject it and offer Costa out and see if I can get some funds off him. Cheers dude.
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  4. Adrian is much better but he i think has a release clause so yu might wanna offer a new contract to him with a higher clause.

  5. Diego Costa is more of a deep lying forward, if that's what you're looking for. I'd say both players are about on the same level. I only played with one striker in my tactics with Atletico Madrid so both players were used mainly as subs and didn't develop as well as they could have if they had more game time.

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