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Some questions for you guys

  1. Some questions for you guys

    I'm quite new to the 2013 game so I was wondering a couple of thing about how other people play the game:
    - What do you do when starting a save with a team? The first couple of things.
    - When looking for a first team player (first eleven or back-up), what do you look for?
    - Do you make your tactics in function of your teams capacity?
    - When looking for a youth player, what are your primary needs in a player?
    - How many tactics do you use? I used only one, made by myself, but when I look at my opponent and try to change my tactics around a bit to use their weaknesses it never seems to work.
    - About scouting: after a while I get bored with my scouts, who give me scout reports all the time. In the beginning I go through them but after a while I have so many players on my shortlist it just doesn't seem realistic any more. I always tend to play my games with the most possible realism.
    - I like the new way of training and I give individual training to all my players, young and old. (Is this good by the way?) But what is better, to give individual focus Advanced Playmaker or an attribute in particular.
    - There's one thing I don't get, that is the group training every month and the match preparation. I never know what options to pick.

    I think these are all the questions I have, I know I demand a lot of answers but if someone just could answer I would be very grateful

  2. -look at the players, age, current value and the potential then fro that build the tactics and squad which I want to use for the coming season. -when looking for players I look at age and potential so.also the roles which then could play in my team because I don't want to spend loads of money then not play them very much -I build a tactic based around the players I have the current and potential ability so I make the most out of the players.- when signing youth players I look mostly at age and potential abilities the are quite cheap and can eventually play a key role in the team.-I make one tactic for the team then 2 back ups depending on injuries and team stregngth when attacking and defensive-when scouting it good to scout as many possible players as possible so when u need new players u can check if you have any on the shortlist.-im not to sure about training as I do mainly team training then the advice through coaches but try to get senior players to mentor young players to give them advice and a mentor.-the group training I rotate so the team practises all types and can improve in all areas then if I need any specific I can then change it hope this help
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