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Is this fair?

  1. Is this fair?

    Right so after leading Southampton in their first season back in the premiership to 6th place and qualifying for the Europa League I thought it definately could not be repeated especially with a much more congested fixture list but I definately was not ready to find myself sacked 2 months into the new season.

    Basically at the start of November I found myself in 13th in the league when I suddently see the message that the board are losing patience with me, now I know that with the board wanting a top half finish that I've gotten off to a slow start that its understandable for them to be concerned however I just came off the back losing 3-2 to both city and liverpool and drawing 1-1 to a very strong unbeaten Chelsea side. What further irritates me was that I comfortably qualified for the knockout stages of the Europa League with a game to go. I then had Swansea whom beat me 4-1 at home, yes this was a terrible performance which ended making me go down to 15th but to my surprise the board decided to give me the sack.

    Now after the ridiculous sacking of Adkins I can understand that the Southamton board dont have a lot of patience with managers but come on, finishing 6th in my first season with a team which was 'destined' for relegation is quite an achievement and qualifying for Europe did help the club grow both financially and in it's repuation. To find myself sacked at the start of November is honestly ridiculous especially with my run of games. I may of got knocked out in the fourth round of the capital one cup to Burnley in extra time but seriously with my congested fixture list I could not afford having another tournament to compete in.

    My question is do you guys thing this is fair?

  2. Fair, no. But sadly that's the state of affairs in football. I've never seen so many sackings in an FM game as in this year's. I guess they're trying to keep up with the real world.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BarmyArmy View Post
    Fair, no. But sadly that's the state of affairs in football. I've never seen so many sackings in an FM game as in this year's. I guess they're trying to keep up with the real world.
    This. Unless you set your expectations above what you could (realistically) handle then, unfortunately, it's just how things go.

  4. No the lowest expectation they offered was a top half finish, you are right with how the footballing world has changed. Might just keep the save going and see what happens to Southampton and whether another team gives me an attractive offer.

  5. Just try and get back into the Premier League and destroy them with your new side.

  6. Has happened to me before, done far above expectations in first season, then in second season with no tactical changes, just do really poor and get sacked! Highly annoying!

  7. Done the same with at Notts Forrest, literally exactly the same.
    Made me laugh a few games before being sacked, played Man U and drew 0-0 and the fan spokesman said the fans are slightly concerned following the 0-0 result. A little perspective would be nice SI.

    Nothing better than spending £40 real earth pounds on a sim only for it to do that to you.

  8. Not been sacked once in FM13 yet, strange!!

  9. Southampton are even like that in 2019, i won the league with them in 2018 then again in 2019 and won the champions league in 2019, the season after i was top of the champions league group with PSG, ajax, dortmund scoring 20 goals conceding 0 and because i was 4th and only 6 points of first, my job status was unstable and they said if i don't pick up then i will be sacked, so i left them for Manchester City and won them 4-0. There board is dreadful

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