Have I found a good regen?

  1. Have I found a good regen?

    I never seem to get good youth so bear with me here. In the recent youth in-take I got a lad who some bloke in my staff reckons could be 'the best of his generation'. I read sometimes about other people finding insane regens, so I want to know from you experts if he really is the real deal?Have I found a good regen?-dino-suskovic.jpg

  2. I would say so. 18 determination is always good for a regen! Although still can't quite work out what makes a player 1* and 5* at that stage.

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    Considering his options
    At his age, he looks very much capable of becoming a talented forward in the future, given the right training, playing time and tutelage. His high Determination paired with someone with the same attribute at a similarly high level, plus Work Rate, will offer him great input into his game, once he reaches 17-18 years of age.

    Professional or Determined personalities, for either youth players with high potential, or senior members of the squad that can tutor young players, make good pairings and should always be looked out for.

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    16 finishing at the age of 15 is always a good sign, could probably have 19-20 finishing at full potential

  5. Sign him up, hes going to be good - worst case. Looks like he could be a star if you do a good job training him and give him 1st team experience.

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