Promotion to Blue Sqaure Bet Premier almost sealed, now what?

  1. Promotion to Blue Sqaure Bet Premier almost sealed, now what?

    I have a 12point lead on 2nd with 6games to go which is almost a garantee for promotion, gave contracts to my best guys and the ones which wanted so much more I did not renew. Now what is the next step to ensure a healty bid for next year's promotion or it is impossibly difficult maybe? I do not wish to get bankrupt in the next 2 - 3 yrs but would like to add up some guys to reenforce my team, should I loan in only or?


  2. Check whos contracts are expiring from other teams to get some good frees.

  3. Lower leagues are all about bargains and good deals, free transfers are a lifesaver. I really don't even bother with a transfer budget most of the time, just throw it all into wages and try to find good deals. I would suggest, if you have a pretty good squad already, try to keep it for the most part intact. Don't underestimate the factor of the team's chemistry. Try to make a few smart signings and slowly work them into your team. Promotion may not come first season but you can definitely get yourself a respectable league position and then push for promotion the season after.

  4. Indeed that is the correct way to go than, I thank you. Trail days are still good for this level right?

  5. from what ive experienced in my short time playing this game, in the lower levels when you go up, you will need to add quite a few players if you are trying to compete with getting another promotion straight away. definitely look at free transfers and loaning players in. if you have any players worth transferring, do it. you can usually pay the wages of 2-3 quality players on free transfers with the sale of one player who might not even be in your squad in a year or two if you go up

  6. Most likely your starting squad will be good enough for another level or two. Do not go crazy with signing new players. Look for frees that can immediately improve your squad but otherwise keep the core of your team intact.

  7. Being realistic, back-to-back promotions are very difficult to achieve, but not impossible! I agree with morimech, don't go nuts with signing a bunch of new players. It'll take them a while to build chemistry, and you may not get the promotion you hope for anyway. Generally in the lower leagues, even if you stay in the same league, there are quite a few changes made to players in a team every season. The last thing you'll want to do is sign a lot of players to long-term deals who might be good enough for League 2, but if you promote again, may not be up to standard, and you're stuck with them.

  8. i achieved back to back promotions with bath city down there, i only added 5/6 players to my first team squad after promotion to avoid destroying team chemistry. joe jackson scored 40+ goals in the blue square prem for me if you can get him on loan or on free.

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