Need Backup!

  1. Need Backup!

    Currently managing liverpool, ,second season, got into champions league and i got a max of 37.5mil to spend. I just sold henderson for about 20mil to city so i need a new backup cm and also a bit of help, would you play reina or mingnolet in goal? Or maybe swap them around, have mignolet as league keeper and reina as european keeper?

  2. lucas romero, andrea poli, will hughes, marco veratti (not sure on spelling plays with psg) too name a few.

  3. Will Hughes is a good shout, signed him for Liverpool 1st season for 5.5m.
    Marco Veratti was a beast for me in FM12 but not signed him in FM13.
    Yann M'Vila was TL on my save start of 2nd season for 12m.
    I signed Pedro Obiang second season, has 4.5* and 3.7m release clause.

    I don't like to rotate keepers and both are too good for the bench. Mignolet was class for me 1st season so I sold Reina for 15m and bought Butland for 11.5m. He's happy with backup status so won't be moaning every week about being on the bench, will just use him in the Capital One Cup.

    Other players I would look at to strengthen your team for the CL are:
    Kyriakos Papadopoulos - Bought him for 15m sold Skrtel for 20m.
    Seb Corchia - Signed for 12m and sold Johnson for 15m as he was injured 6 times in 1st season!
    Alex Sandro LB from Porto signed for 15m.
    Eric Lamela signed for 30m, amazing as an IF on the right.

  4. Will Hughes is a class player for the future his value goes up to 15mill+, If he has the right training he could be one of the worlds best CM.
    Poli is a decent player, his stats is improve really well aswell, his stats also can improve alot better if he's at a better club and better players around him and better coaches, where as if he's at sampdoria or milan where he sometimes goes or is. He wont be as good as if he is at a better club with better players and coaches.

    Also i would keep Mignolet and defiantly would have done the same as you and solt Reina because at his age still get a good amount of money and he isn't that good for the number 1 keeper

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