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Some help here

  1. Some help here

    Hi, I am a new member here, and I need help with this game which is hell bent on making me lose, whatever I do.

    I have played FM12, for a very short time, not having played more than 1 season with a team. With Blackburn I finished tenth, and with Dag&Red I topped the League 2 table, and was unbeaten in the league. Which Is why I cant figure out this game.

    I picked Hayes and Yeading United for my first time, as a challenge. I knew it would be difficult, but I did not expect my players to pass to the opponent (not interceptions, they PASS to the opponent), lose the ball when an opponent come near them, and the opponents scoring whenever they take a shot at goal.

    I am using 2 tactics, first is a 4-1-4-1 Defensive, Second is a 4-1-3-1-1 Control. For defensive I have the sliders at default, more aggressive tackling, default passing, press more. In control I have short passing and everything else default.

    I dont mind losing the game when I am outclassed. But when my own players are working for the opponents, than how can I win.

  2. Should post screenshots of your tactic and team to show what the player roles people can help more

  3. I've played as Gloucester City for the last 11 seasons, taking them from BSB-N to the Premier League.

    At the competition level you're at right now, this kind of stuff happens often. You need completely different tactics than you would use for higher division teams.

    Control will never ever work. Your players simply don't have enough talent, consistency or handle pressure well enough for any kind of possession tactic.

    You will have much better success with a long passing style, and generally playing a Counter style is your best bet. Fast players will generally do well, any skill attributes like passing, finishing, etc are likely too low to have any real impact anyway. You should be telling your back line to hoof the ball up-field. Every pass at that level has the potential to be sprayed so its much better if that happens up the field than close to your own goal.

    I'd probably go with Press More for closing down but just Normal for tackling. You really just want to force them to pass often because they will screw up passes just as much as you.

  4. Maybe you should download some similar tactics off this site and have a look at how they are set up. Might give you some insight on how you should be setting up your own ?

  5. Do you have the patience for a couple of days reading? If so....
    >Tactical Theorems 10< is 3 .pdf Ebooks that explain in much more detail what shit does and how to achieve shit. (its free)
    And the guides and I have found >here< are some of the best I have read anywhere on the web.

    Its quite a lot of reading though but the rewards are clear to see.
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  6. As mentioned above, if you can post some screenshots we'll be able to help more.

    But from what you've said already, your defensive approach doesn't sound too defensive to me - When defending, players should sit back, pushing up will encourage your players to play with a higher line, and if they lose the ball there will be alot of space behind your defenders to exploit. Aggressive tackling would mean your players will be more inclined to dive into tackles, again this could leave you in a vulnerable position if you don't win the ball.

    With a defensive approach I would recommend instructing your players to sit a little deeper, but not too deep, and to stay on their feet and tackle cautiously. Play direct or default with a fairly quick tempo and counter attack, and don't allow your players too much creative freedom, especially at the back.
    I know in FM12 high physical stats in lower leagues could get you b2b promotions, IF that is also the case in FM13 then I would look for players with pace and play with a fast tempo.
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