good attacking tactic for tottenham and gareth bale?

  1. good attacking tactic for tottenham and gareth bale?

    I'm trying to find a good passing and attacking tactic that suits with bale. I'm on the second season and up front I have Viktor Fischer, Jovetic and Bale playing a 4-3-3 system. I put bale on the right as an inside forward attack same with Fischer on the left and Jovetic in the center playing as Advanced forward however, I can never get any goals! I've still got the tottenham midfielders (dembele, huddlestone and sandro). what tactic do i need to download or do to get bale scoring goals like last season? same with the other players because we have about 20-30 schots each match with 10-15 on target but it never goes in! and then i usually lose 1-0 or it be 1-1/0-0. it is so fustrating!
    I did try and copy the Mourinho's magical madrid tactic but reversed it so bale plays in the right instead of the left hoping he can be the ronaldo but that doesnt seem to work too! the team doesnt know what to do for that tactic if you ask me! Mourinho's Magical Madrid - look as the screen schot if you dont know what i mean.
    please help and give me advise im not expecting bale to score every match and score from long ranges etc. but i am hoping he be a player you can trust and rely on.

  2. I'm using Raikan007's Dortmund tactic (standard, not the 442) with Spurs and it works well.

    Ive used it before with Bale at Dortmund as well.

    In each case, Bale as AMR with duty as inside forward. Bale usually scores a lot from it (10-20 per season) for me.

    In my Dortmund save I changed the Inside Forward (R and L) to cut inside and Bale and Reus were usually my top scorers.

    I left it at move inside with Spurs and the wide players don't score as much (though Bale was injured for 4months in my first and only season so far). My team performed better (went unbeaten in the EPL) though so didn't want to mess with a working system.

  3. what do you mean cut inside? can you tell them to do it??

  4. Yea. On the player instructions screen there is an optional setting for wide play.

    The default for wingers is probably hug the touch line so the stay out wide and try and stretch the defence.

    You can also them to "move into channels" which means that they will try and move into the spaces between the full backs and other defenders.

    Or the usual setting for inside forwards is cut inside which means the cut inside from the wing towards the centre of the pitch where they can attack the goal.

    For it to work effectively you should have a left footed player on the right cutting in onto his good foot and vice versa.

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