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Regens or real players...?

  1. Regens or real players...?

    What do you prefer? Do you like saves where you play the first few seasons with the real players and then start a new one or do you like long saves where the databases are dominated by regens. Will be interesting to see your opinions as I hear many people hate regens and some love them (for scouting reasons!)

    I personally start getting bored when there are no real players left (about the year 2020 is the furthest I get before there are too many overpowered regens and you win EVERYTHING so easily)

  2. Real players all day long. I get bored with these regens, you get too many that are just godlike and just dominate every game... which lets face it for a little while is like "YES!" but soon becomes boring as there is absolutely no challenge in that.

  3. Shaymen of Halifax's Avatar Shaymen of Halifax
    Surprisingly, I prefer regens due to the fact it's interesting to see what names the game can make up and see if your regen is a Face in the game regen.
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