'Places Shots' Preferred Move

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    'Places Shots' Preferred Move

    Is this guy good enough for the 'Places Shots' preferred move? Or should he unlearn it? I'm worried he'll miss by trying to place too many shots right in the corner.

    'Places Shots' Preferred Move-no-l-makombo-eboma_-overview-attributes.png


  2. Dont think so, lacks technique

  3. I wouldn't unlearn it, personally. I'd at least wait and watch him in the match engine for a year, and see how many chances he misses by trying to be too accurate. He's only 20 so his technique could still improve a fair bit, and his finishing and composure are good. I had a striker with similar stats and 'Places Shots', and at that age he put loads of attempts inches past the post - but by the time he was 25 he was lethal.

  4. cooper795's Avatar cooper795
    Ok, thanks for the help. He seems to hit the post a fair bit but his goal return is still pretty good.

    He also has 'runs with ball often', I think he should probably unlearn this?

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