Need some help with wages

  1. Need some help with wages

    So, I know I'm a bit late getting to FM 2013 but oh well. I started as a sunday leaguer, as an unemployed manager, and signed with 1860 Munchen in d2 in Germany. Despite only having mid table aspirations at the start of the season, i've been quite successful, working my way up into 3rd in the league, so tactically, I think i'm ok.

    The problem I'm having is financially. Prior to the holiday break, ALL of my payroll numbers were over the board allowed limits: probably to the tune of about double. I think my Key Player budget was something like 8K dollars, and i was spending over 17K on one player.

    The problem was from new contracts of players already on the team. Every time a contract negotiation came up, the agent would be trying to double the players current salary, and wasn't budging. I solved the short term problem by promising the board title contention, which I think i can do, And I'm sure promotion is going to add more funds, but it's obviously not a long term solution if almost everyone is going to want double their money every few years.

  2. When offering wages it's best to try and offset a lower basic wage with incentives, such as appearance fees/goal bonuses etc. Offering the agents a higher fee can also make them more likely to accept lower wages for their client. Giving them a shorter contract/release clause can also help them accept less money.
    The main problem for you is that the team has a high reputation, and as such players will want paid above their station, particularly if promotion to the top division seems likely.

  3. So I guess i'd have to manually do the math, especially for first teamers, to determine if lowering the base wage and significantly increasing appearance fees will save the club money, correct?

  4. It's not as daunting as it seems, for instance, if you lower the wage by £200 p/w, then don't increase the appearance fee by more than £200 (unless the player won't start many games)
    In lower leagues given an International Cap bonus can be useful if the player is unlikely to represent his country

  5. Do under 19/21 internationals count as caps or not?

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