New Transfer Updates

  1. New Transfer Updates

    FM13 is the first Football Manager I've bought, and I've started doing a new transfer update thing on the Editor, but is there usually a new updated database before FM14 is released (I'm not sure if that makes sense)? Because if there will be I might not bother with my own update

  2. SI does not release an official update with the latest transfers etc, but there are transfer updates on this site available to download.

    I would recommend either of these:

    LFCMarshall's FM13 Suggestion Thread

    FM13 Transfer & Data Update Packs by_pr0

    You could do it yourself, however the updates above contain something like 80,000 database changes, including 1000's of transfers, CA/PA changes, managerial changes etc, so you'd have a bit of catching up to do!

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