Overwitten a save

  1. Overwitten a save

    I overwrite a save with another save by accident, as it goes i was in 2036 with Barnsley, Won the champions league 11 times and the league 15 times, along with FA cups and League Cups.. i started a new game for a laugh and accidental saved that game on my Barnsley save like an absolute fool.. luckily i saved the game in a other file when i was in 2035

    I'm gutted, because in 2035 i resigned from Barnsley but saved it before i did cause i know i'd regret it, so the save i saved over in 36 still had me as Barnsley manager and i wanted to get the 30 year at one club achievement..

    Is there any way of getting the other save back? I'm guessing not but it's always worth a try!

  2. If you backed up your computer when you had the save at that point you can restore it to that point.

  3. If you had a 3 file rolling save you wouldnt be crying now mate ...

  4. Loads of people seem to play months without saving, I find it amazing - if I have to play the same game twice that save is ruined for me as I can't believe in it any more - saving takes 10 seconds, I do it after every game on a 6 file rolling basis - maybe I'm a bit over cautious!!

  5. Previous versions on win 7 not an option?

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