Rate My Regen!

  1. Rate My Regen!

    I'm sure there's probably already once of these threads somewhere but just post your regens with whatever info you want and rate eachother's or give advice.

    Alternatively post regens that you're unsure of buying from other teams and sharing advice on that.

    I'll get the ball rolling then!

    Rate My Regen!-kopi.png

    As you see I was lucky enough to get him out of contract at only 16 years old, so what next/have you seen better/ is he even any good?


  2. This should be posted in the ''Show off your regen'' thread.
    The regen isn't anything special, you see those French wonderkids all the time
    He might be VERY good and might be OK. Time will show.

  3. Hopefully his concentration & decisions improve.

  4. There is indeed already a thread, here you are: The Complete Regen/Show off your regen thread Fm13

Closed Thread

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