What leauges do you guys load at the start of a new save?

  1. What leauges do you guys load at the start of a new save?

    I'm trying to figure out what leagues are best to upload, for the best balance of realism/computer speed. I want my next save to be managing Everton. So I don't necessarily have to load the Argentinian/Brazilian leagues but if you don't, then weird things have happened to me in previous saves where terrific players from these countries pop-up around the age of 20-21 while only having existed within the game for two/three seasons. But at the same time those leagues are about an extra 5k-10k players to upload. Maybe I should sacrifice a few of the leagues in Europe, like Belgium, Greece, and Ukraine? What do you usually do? And how big of a difference does it make in game speed if you have an estimated game speed of 2 1/2 stars vs 1 1/2?

  2. The main ones for me are Brazil, England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Sweden (because I can start the game in February).

  3. Unless you want to play below any:

    England down to Champo
    Germany down to 2nd div
    France down to ligue 2
    Italy serie b
    Spain Liga Adelante
    Brazil 2nd div (cos of Vitoria mainly)
    Argentina 1st div
    Norway 1st Div
    Ukraine 1st Div
    Russia 1st Div

    The last three have very cheap amazing players.

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