Player Registration Glitch

  1. Player Registration Glitch

    Hi all,

    probably posted in wrong section but i really need help on this one i have searched everywhere for answers.

    I have an issue when i try to register new players to my squad, every time i confirm the new squad the game crashes and bugs out. Starting to annoy me now as i have searched everywhere for an answer but no one helps.

    Is it just me or has anyone else had the same issue and does anyone have any answers



  2. what competition

  3. Simply holiday past it, i had a similar problem once with a save were when the transfer window shut it would freeze so i just skipped past the day.

  4. its in the barclays premier league, and i haven't got to the end of the transfer market yet i about two days into season and want to register the player to play but it wont let me .. sounds like im going to have to wait until the last day of squad registration and skip it like you say cool. oh well

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