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    Hi guys,

    It's been a long time since I last posted on here, but just wanted to grab people's experiences if may.

    The Liverpool stadium enquiries have been asked before, but my phone doesn't allow me to search old threads on here, so can't see if it's been posted before. On previous versions of the game, there have always been issues regarding finances and planning permission for Liverpool's new stadium. Eventually, when the manager is successful enough, the board cave and provide a new stadium.

    When, on other people's games, does this tend to be for you? I'm in 2018 at the moment, and the board did agree to expand the stadium, but then the council pulled the plug 3 months in. Any comments would be great.

    Thanks FMers


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    I managed to get Anfield expanded to 55,000 by 2015 but I'm in 2020 now and saving up for a new stadium.

    It's really down to how quickly you can build success (A lot of success) at the club. you need to get sell-outs for pretty much every home game and have a very healthy bank balance for the board to agree to a new sadium.

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