Low Division Teams & Work Permits? Help!

  1. Low Division Teams & Work Permits? Help!

    So I am playing as York city and have several youngers players from Ukraine, Sweden and Brazil who I have agreed contracts with but I cannot get work permits for and having asked my board for a feeder club they give me a selection of 4 non league teams which doesnt help me at all

    Is there anything I can do about this?

  2. Specifically I am trying to sign a Ukrainian Goalkeeper called Dmytro Vorobyov from Metalurg D.

    When I offer to purchase the player, he shows interest in joining my team and I offer him a contract and then it fails due to Work Permit failure.

    So I then tried to get him on loan and it all gets accepted but I dont even get the chance to offer him a loan contract, it just tells me that my assistant manager failed to negotiate with him and he declined the offer.

    Little bit confused!?!?!?!

  3. Feeder Clubs
    - Well, your club has a really low rep so you are highly unlikely to get a club outside the UK. After all, why should these clubs want to have you as a parent club.

    Work Permits
    - The Swedes wont need one. As for the South Americans, the ones willing to join you won't get one as they simply are not good enough, not having played in the national team, really low rep etc.

    regarding these players, how have you been able to find them in the first place, can you really scout those nations with York? If its with FMScout, then this tool will only cause you frustration. You are not supposed to know about them as they at unknown to most people and simply won't get a work permit.
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