Who should be taking my free-kicks?

  1. Who should be taking my free-kicks?

    This is a really, really basic thing and I have searched all over but haven't found an answer.
    I have two good free kick/corner takers but one is only Right footed and one is only Left footed. My silly 'holiday brain' can't work out whether the one with the good left foot should be on the left or right and vice-versa.
    Please respond then I'll close the thread right away.
    Thanks in advance, folks.

  2. i would put the left footed taker on the right side and vice-versa as especially from corner then they'll be crossed in towards the box but if its a right on right it will get swinged out but id go left on right and right on left. lol

  3. I wouldn't say its that simple pompey, because it depends on how he has his corner taking set up. If you're crowding the box and have big, strong players with good heading skills, then yes, you want an in-swinging corner taker, HOWEVER, if you're often the smaller side, with more skilled finishers, you may want to set up a ring around the 18 yard box and out swing, and get the ball o your skilled players feet to try and slam it home.

    I, however, play a German team, should be obvious which way i go

  4. Ok, thank you very much!

    edit: I'll keep this open so everybody can have their say.
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