I am after some general advice. I have been having some difficult times at the moment on Football Manager 2013 and I have started to doubt my Management ability. So I have decided to go back to basics, back to the drawing board and ask some serious questions about how I approach the game. I do use the games features in depth and don't just monster through a season trying to get to the end. I know I have potential as I managed on Football Manager 2012 to get Dover promoted from the Blue Square South to the Premiership in 9 seasons.

I was however hoping to get some advice off you and compare and contrast how you set up your season and how I set up my season. This is so I can judge where I am going right and where I am going wrong and address my areas of weakness. So if you could give me some general advice on the points I raise below it would be very helpful.

Obviously Football Manager is a very personal experience and there are so many variables and stipulations that run through the game depending on each manager. Do not reveal your routine if you do not want to, Im not after completely ripping off someones playing style but instead what to compare and contrast my management ability.

I know it is a lot of information to talk about and each point raised could have a thread of its own but a short general answer would be great or just what ever you feel is important?


Assuming you are managing a Premiership Club.

What I am looking for is some advice on transfers. More specifically during the season.

It is detrimental that throughout the season a manager is planning and scouting players to sign at the end of the season to improve the current squad. Sure it can be distracting when trying to win matches in the season but it is integral to draw up a list of targets and filter out who you want to sign and who you think wont make the cut.

So I am interested on how you draw up this list of potential signings during the season? How you find them? How you scout them? Whether you look for established stars, youngsters, hot prospects or great young talent that is ready for the first team now?

Frees? Pre-Contracts? Loans? Low money signings? High Money signings? Players whose contracts are running down? Leagues with irregular rules such as MLS?

How do you go about players transfers who get turned down due to work permits?

And any other information you think that I will need to draw up targets and make signings?