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  1. Liverpool!

    I am in January in my first season with Liverpool and im doing quite well but conceding more goals than the teams around me any advice on the attack as well would be great. Thanks


  2. Hard to say without knowing how you play ( tweaked sliders etc) but by looking at the facts presented, I would say that....

    - You have an extreme amount of new players. Not only those brought in by you, but also the ones in the new databas you at using... and... all the ones that where new for the 12/13 season in real life. It takes time for a team to gell and with this amount of new players, it can take about a year.

    - You are playing very attacking, a high risk approach
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  3. Very fluid = more chances for opposition to exploit gaps.
    Attacking = more chances get in behind your high defensive line.

    Your tactic used in the right game can likely be deadly, but in the wrong game can end in devastating defeat.
    If your tactics are default and shout based I would add another like this:

    Sweeper keeper to standard (kick long)
    Wb's to auto
    Centre midfield three to DCM (anchor) BWM(d) CM(a) or advanced playmaker(a)
    Wingers to Defensive wingers(s)

    Strategy = Counter
    Philosophy = Very rigid
    Passing = More direct
    Creative freedom = More disciplined
    Closing down = Default
    Tacking = More aggressive
    Marking = Man
    Crossing = Float
    Roaming = Stick to position

    Play narrower
    Exploit flanks
    Clear to flanks
    Play into space

    No playmaker, target man to poacher & played into space.
    I only ever adjusted players long shot to rarely everything else stayed default, like they say "if its not broke don't fix it"

    Last season with this I managed 28 clean sheets (Hugo Lloris)
    Credit where its due....I did also use another tactic for home games "Raikan007's Borussia Dortmund: Jurgen Klopp's Recreation tactic" its epic and may well suit your team also.
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  4. Thanks Buddy!

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