How to arrange a free transfer?

  1. How to arrange a free transfer?

    Like the title says, how do you arrange a free transfer for a player?

    I don't mean players who are out of a contract, but players who will come to your club in the end of his contract without having to pay anything.

  2. You can only do this if the player has 6 months or less remaining on his contract!!

  3. Alright, thanks

  4. Like t1ll13 said, once they have less than 6months remaining on their contract you should be able to offer them a contract, once their current one ends they'll join you.

  5. If you're playing in England (not sure about other countries) you cannot offer a contract to another player in the same country with 6 months to go. But I think you can do it with 1 month to go in the same country.

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